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Agile Strategy Execution

“Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results.”  Lawrence Bossidy

About Us

Y-Change is founded on the principles that integrating strategy, scorecards and projects  will lead to increased business success.  Our focus is on ensuring our customers’ success by providing a powerful, internet-based software platform to drive business results through the integration of:  organization goals/objectives, scorecards/metrics and projects/tactics.

Our Mission

We are focused on assisting organizations in achieving their business objectives by providing them with an agile strategy execution software suite,  enabling the organization to collaborate and pivot to ever changing conditions.

How We Add Value

  • Empower employees with a strong feeling of ownership for both strategic and operational plans.

  • Improve vertical and horizontal communications between individuals and teams responsible for strategy AND execution.

  • Clarify the responsibility and ownership for execution decisions based on data and variance driven performance management.

  • Proactively manage change that supports continuous course correction and resource reprioritization based on evolving customer needs and market trends.

What We Do

  • Work with your team and our partners to define  your organization's integrated strategy to execution process. This will be based on your organization's objective and  execution maturity, using the Strategy Execution Framework as a guide.

  • Define the minimum amount of structure needed for translating your strategy into tactics.​ Assist in the configuration, training and deployment of the Agile Strategy Manager® ​platform with other internal systems.​

  • Beta test the solution.

  • Provide the support and training to ensure their success in both achieving your desired results and owning your strategy execution process. 

Our History

Y-Change is dedicated to the delivery integrated strategic execution solutions. Established in 1999, their online software platform: Integrated Strategy Manager (ISM), has been designed to take advantage of advanced web-based technologies. ISM serves both traditional and next generation management needs, creating the “edge” needed to succeed in today’s volatile market.    (Strategy Software | Y-Change Company)

Tel: ​510-421-0571

43575 Mission Blvd
​Fremont, Ca. 94539

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