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Agile Strategy Manager

Translating Strategy into Reality

Strategy Execution

Enable your company to align, track, manage, and account for decentralized teams collaborating on a variety of programs.
Improve project workflow by collaborative scheduling while aligning projects to objectives and initiatives in an intuitive manner.

Agile Strategy Manager - Strategy Execution: Organizational Cascade Chart
Agile Strategy & Initiative Cascade

Integrate, align & manage information on one page.
Direct line-of-sight from strategies to initiatives, programs & projects.

Agile Program/Project Collaboration

Align and collaborate objectives & projects through one interface.
Manage coporrate/dept. initiatives & projects across department boundaries

Agile Dashboards, Scorecards & Reports

Customize cascading initiative, portfolio & project dashboards and reports.
Customize, email, print or export  

Agile Strategy & Initiative Cascade

Agile Strategy Manager - Plan Overview: Strategy & Initiatives Cascade

Key Agile Strategy Features

Review & collaborate on strategy details, scorecards, links to other dept. plans and internally stored documents.
Get automated or double click updates of your department's information progress with auto-generated metrics charts and scorecards.
Look ahead/back: review/reference information from prior years for input into current or future years.

Assign, coordinate and follow up on meetings and action items.
Automated emails can be generated for past due items, change of status or owners.
Use your current organizations' process, including, Hoshin, MBO, OKR's, MBO and VSE.
Information is automatically displayed and editable in both department & personal views.

Agile Strategy Manager - Meeting management with Action logs
Agile Strategy Manager - Executive Report

Agile Program to Project Reporting Cascade

Agile integration and display of selected organization portfolios to programs to projects' information.
User selection of information to be displayed including: metrics, financial, actions, deliverables, risks and timelines.
Use project report views for collaboration in project SPRINT meetings with simple double click editing.

Agile Strategy & Initiative Cascade

Agile Program/Project Collaboration

Program and Project Collaboration Features

Align, track, manage, and account for decentralized teams collaborating on a variety of programs and projects.
Select, plan, manage and track a portfolio’s lifecycle from idea to execution.
Understand who is doing what and how that strategically aligns your work to meet organizational business goals.

Agile Strategy Manager - Program and Project Collaboration
Agile Strategy Manager - Project Timeline Gantt View

Make decisions with confidence.

Gantt charts, risks, deliverables, phase status, heat maps and custom dashboards allow for companywide visibility and reporting.

Portfolio/Program Features

Organizing projects around user specified project types allows for customization of information specific to the needs of each organization or project.
Select, plan, manage and track a portfolio’s lifecycle from idea to execution.

Agile Strategy Manager - Customize information specific to the needs of organization or project
Agile Strategy Manager - Project Efficiency

Project Summary Status

Prioritize your programs & projects to align with the organizational business strategy. 
The rules engine allows for quick phase gate approvals,  and prioritizing of projects for selection or re-sizing.
Easily view the metrics of their portfolio, as well as the supporting objectives and initiatives.

Agile Program or Project Collaboration

Agile Dashboards, Scorecards Metrics & Reporting

Agile Strategy Manager - Strategy Dashboard
Agile Strategy Manager - Metric Charts

Organization and Department Dashboards

Create, customize and update reports, dashboards and performance metrics.

Save, email & export to your favorite desktop application.
Additional resources, including meetings, metrics, documents and action logs are readily available.

Agile integration of all organization strategy to project information, based on user defined, linked cascades & selected information.
Use on-line and in-person management, spring and retrospective meetings.
Export reports to excel, word and PDF. Use for printing and emails.

Agile Strategy Manager - Work together Plan Cascade
Agile Dashboard, Scorecard
Agile Strategy Manager Benefits
Agile Strategy Manager - Customizable Cascade report

Agile Integration of all organization Strategy to Tactics information.
The customizable Cascade Report can view all linked strategies, initiatives and projects on one screen.  Simple double click editing makes updating information in the Sprint meeting effortless.
Customize your programs and projects to fit your business objectives. Gain insight into how your programs and projects cascade down from top level strategic objectives.

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