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Upcoming Events

2023 Annual International Conference - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
May 22-24, 2023

 Keys to Developing an Inclusive & Conscious Strategy: CEOs Share their Passion & Practices

Date & Time:

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

1. Hear about 13 conscious organizations on their journey in Strategic Planning and Conscious Capitalism. A presentation of their methods & lessons learned compiled in the Conscious Strategy whitepaper V.1

2. Review the core elements of Conscious Strategy derived from their stories.

3. Understand how these elements fit into a newly-developed Conscious Strategy maturity model, which is measurable and action driven.

4. Participate in a round table discussion using the maturity models to analyze several organizations represented in the room....towards developing and implementing Conscious Strategy.

5. Wrap up discussion of key themes & how Conscious Strategy fits into the work of strategy professionals and the IASP strategy framework of the BOK 3.0.

In this session, we will engage participants – rather than speak at you, we will talk with you about how your organization matches up to a Conscious Strategy. And then we’ll provide you with tools for agile change.

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