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Strategy management
in our hybrid world!

Reinventing How We Execute Strategy
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Is your Strategy Execution:
  • Not getting the results you expect?

  • Excel or power point driven?

  • Disconnected from initiatiaves & projects?

  • Unidirectional or unresponsive?

ASM is the right solution!
  • Digital collaboration

  • Driving company, team and individual accountability 

  • Customized suite for integrating objectives, projects,tactics, meetings, actions & metircs

Drive Coordinated Accountability & Decision Making

Enable your organization to integrate, align & manage  strategies & tactics... real-time!

Organize, manage and link ALL organizationn programs, projects and metrics

Create and update  all information & performance metrics, with a simple double click.

Manage resources, meetings, metrics, scorecards, documents, action logs and performance evaluations 

Your organization can now have
  • Scaleable & customizable organization & department plans, projects & tactics

  • Cross-functional communication and synchronized information sharing!

  • Real-time organization performance evaluation & course correction!

  • Agile coordination ... based upon changing conditions!


Cascaded, linked & coordinated


To changing conditions and results


Customized scorecards, & dashboards allow for outcome driven decision makng

Agile Strategy Manager - Aligned Organizational Cascade


  • Ongoing adaptation/realignment to the changing landscape

  • Cross-dept. objectives, actions & metrics managed real time

  • Variances lead to ongoing plan & activity discussion/refinement

Agile Strategy Manager - Dashboard


  • Strategies (goals/initiatives/tactics) and projects are linked & coordinated

  • Process to align org/dept. plans vertically & horizontally

  • Tactics/ projects aligned & cascaded from linked objectives

Agile Strategy Manager - Plan Cascade Report - Objectives, Initiatives, Actions and metrics managed real time


  • Data & outcome driven team buy-in & ownership

  • Progress to plan is regularly measured & reported

  • Metric variances lead to real-time discussion/refinement of dept. plans, budgets & actions

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